Useful Ways to Deal with Water Damaged Phone

    Water damaged phones are one of the common issues that are encountered by most mobile phone repair shop  technicians. This issue might lead to the device not opening, turning on and off, screen distortion and so on. In some case, it can be hard to deal with the water-damaged gadget but there are simple ways to keep the device from being totally damaged. Check out the following:

    1. The first step to do with the water damaged phone is by turning it off. Isolate the battery to avoid a short circuit when opting to charge the battery. .
    2. Proper Drying Off. You can dry up the mobile phone easily by the use of a hand dryer as well as air dryer. This will allow your device to dry up fast and easily. It can save your mobile phone from permanently damaging all other parts because the water will be evaporating as soon as possible.
    3. Use of Rice (Optional). In some cases, users of phones can get rid of its moisture by having it stay in the rice. It can be completely dried by covering the phone by the rice, so that the liquid will be absorbed. It might require you at least 72 hours to completely dry totally all the parts of the phone.
    4. Visit the nearest mobile phone repair shops. Right after trying the ways to dry up your water-damaged mobile phone, and still its not working, a repair technician can best help you. They have adequate tools to check and identify which part of the phone is not functioning properly.

    For the gadget repair center in Sydney, Oz Phone Repairs can deal with water-damaged mobile phones as it technicians are specialized on it. You are assured of the reliability of repair service by the warranty they offer. It is the best option to seek for a help from your professional phone repair services.

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