Cutting Oak Wine Barrels in Half

    One of the best ways to make use of old oak wine barrels for a lifetime is to convert them as a decors for your home or your office or inside your garden and use them as container for your plants. Though cutting the wine barrel in half is a simple task, the only disadvantage of using it as a garden plant container is that, it can be only used for the average garden. You only need a sharp and well maintained cutting tools such as a saw or electric wood cutter.

    If you wish to give it a try, you can follow some simple steps below. Rest assured that all steps are intended for better safety.

    Step 1-  Cleaning and drying the barrel. After purchasing old wine barrels you need clean and dry them. Remember, each barrel can weigh 120-160 pounds. You may need someone’s help to clean and dry them or even when cutting them.

    Step2 –  Measuring the barrel. All you need in this step is a tape measure, cutting tools and a pencil or chalk. You can either choose to cut it vertically (top to bottom) or horizontally (across its belly).

    Step 3 – Cutting the barrel. After deciding whether you will cut it horizontal or vertical, you can mark it with a chalk or pencil. In cutting your barrels, you can use a handsaw or electric saw. You should handle this step with care to avoid cask from breaking apart. You might need an assistance of a friend while you cutting barrels to avoid them from breaking apart.

    Step 4 – Sanding and painting. To give a wonderful output you can sand its edges and apply varnish so that it can be preserved for many years to come.

    These are simple steps on how to cut your oak wine barrels and transform it into a decorative garden container for plants. Rest assured that your garden will become more beautiful are you use these durable barrels.

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